A brand you can trust!

Our products are developed with the utmost care using high quality organic ingredients. Our entire skincare range is 100% natural, Halal and cruelty-free. We also care about the environment and use eco-friendly, recyclable packaging and produce our products locally in Indonesia.

ALL our products are safe for pregnancy, breastfeeding, sensitive skin and newborn baby skin. As safety is a top priority for us, we have the highest standards when it comes to our ingredients lists. All our products are non-toxic, non GMO, NO T.E.A, NO D.E.A, NO Glycols, NO PEG's, NO Sulfates, NO Parabins, NO Silicones, NO Lanolin, NO synthetic fragrance or colors EVER! 

Because we feel that all mothers should have access to clean, high quality products, we have done our best to ensure that our products are as affordable as possible without compromising on the purity of our ingredients. 

Why Organic Ingredients Matter

There is a global awakening happening at this moment.

Now more than ever, people care about their health, and the demand for clean, organic products has never been higher. 

Our skin is our largest organ. Scientists have proven that what you put on your skin soaks in and enters your bloodstream. Today more people are becoming increasingly educated and aware of the health risks associated with exposure to non-organic products and foods that contain harmful toxins and carcinogens. 

In addition to being free of pesticides and toxic heavy metal cadmium, organically grown fruits and vegetables may produce up to 60% more antioxidants than non-organic fruits and vegetables. (* British Journal of Nutrition volume 112, issue 514 September 2014, pp. 794-811.)

Studies show that the products used on infants in the first few years of life can effect their skin and even health throughout the rest of their life. Infant skin is different from adult in structure, function and composition. As infant skin continues to mature through the first few years of life, it is so important to use products that are formulated appropriately, which will not interfere with the skin surface PH or perturb the skin barrier.