Our mission is to provide the purest skincare products for mothers and babies.

My interest in clean skincare products began when i became pregnant. I was surprised to find out that many of my favorite luxury skincare products are not safe for pregnancy. After throwing out all of my chemical products and replacing them with natural and organic products I noticed my skin had never looked better! When my daughter was born, on our first pediatrician appointment our doctor told me "be very careful what you put on your baby's skin, studies show that the products you use during the first 3 years can have lifelong effects on their skin and health. Chemicals in products can cause lasting problems like eczema, psoriasis, acne, reactive skin and even health issues." So I became vigilant and I started learning about ingredients and looking for organic baby products that I knew would be safe. I had such a hard time finding products that i loved and trusted for my baby, so since i couldn't find them, i decided to make them, and that's how Daé Organics was born.

"I have set out to create a line of skincare products that mothers can trust, which is affordable without compromising on the quality of our ingredients or the values we stand for. Clean, Safe, Gentle, Effective, Organic!"